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Girton Grammar School, BendigoCompare
School Facts
School sector:Non-government
School type:Combined school
Total student:1141 (boy:556, girl:585)
Total staff:137
Student attendance:
None-english student:
ICSEA value:
1140, ranks No.210 More ICSEA Ranking...
ICSEA distribution:
Bottom quarterMiddle quartersTop quarter
VCE rank:No.47 (2015), No.52 (2014), No.70 (2013), No.56 (2012), No.49 (2011), No.50 (2010), No.50 (2009), No.51 (2008)
Address:105 Mackenzie Street Bendigo VIC 3550
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Phone:03 5441 3114

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School Comment
Girton strives for excellence in academic and co-academic areas of education in a caring Christian environment. A Preparatory to Year 12 co-educational school, Girton emphasises the importance of a well-rounded education where Values, personal and social d... more
Student Assessment
Year 3483422456470445198
Year 5531498499519522413
Year 759354656458058674
Year 962563161762663648
Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) results in 2011.
By Student - 26 Aug 2017, Rate: excellent
Unless you have ever been schooled anywhere else you will never have insight into what a sadly lacking academic institution this is.
When I went there the highest I was aiming for was teaching. My parents moved me across to Melbourne were I thrived and am now studying Medicine. That never would have happened if i had been left to rot in Girton,
By Parent - 26 Aug 2017, Rate: bad
Agree with everything that has been said in previous negative posts.
Quite scar to think further Australians are being shaped by schools like this and that their lazy attitude to study and the accepted bullying will translate into the workplace as 'normal' further down the line.
We had four children there and pulled all of them out and home schooled until we could transfer them all to Melbourne. Their aspirations for their futures have rocketed.
By Parent - 26 Aug 2017, Rate: bad
Utterly appalling, only stays in business because there is no other private school option in the area.
Teaching staff seem to have very low academic expectations of the pupils and do not encourage them to strive, more of a tow the line school, don't complain, keep your head down and pull your child out quietly if you are going elsewhere.
Bullying IS a massive issue. One child was bullied relentlessly, when her parents complained they were told the child had 'issues'.
Parents took their child to top child psychologist who documented for the school that the child had no issues unless they considered being a gifted academic an issue.
The schools response was to imply 'children who are different somehow bring the bullying on themselves', no address was given to the behaviour of the bullies themselves. it seems to be an accepted part of the school culture. Insular, educationally backward and a terrible environment to expect your child to learn good citizen values.
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