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Williamstown High School, WilliamstownCompare
School Facts
School sector:Government
School type:Secondary school
Total student:1431 (boy:632, girl:799)
Total staff:112
Student attendance:
ICSEA value:
1069, ranks No.558 More ICSEA Ranking...
ICSEA distribution:
Bottom quarterMiddle quartersTop quarter
VCE rank:No.146 (2015), No.251 (2014), No.124 (2013), No.110 (2012), No.176 (2011), No.137 (2010), No.122 (2009), No.197 (2008)
Address:Pasco St, Williamstown VIC 3016
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Phone:03 9397 1899

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School Comment
Williamstown High School is a successful, well regarded government secondary school educating the young people of Williamstown and neighbouring suburbs. The school opened as a government high school in 1915 on the Pasco Street site of the original Williams... more
Student Assessment
Year 7571553553559579109
Year 9594579579582592218
Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) results in 2011.
By Student - 29 Oct 2017, Rate: poor
The fourth graders are more mature than the majority of the juniors in this high school, it's utterly insane.
(This is the same guy who wrote the long review, if you're wondering. It's only been a couple months of my Junior year, and I'm still having mixed feelings.)
By Student - 25 May 2017, Rate: poor
I have a few concerns about this school; Note that I'm only in the Class of 2019(This means that I'm currently going into my Junior year), so please bare me here.
First of all, I often feel that WHS doesn't offer enough challenges for me. Throughout my freshman year, and up to the third marking period of my sophomore year, I have received no grade below an 83, meaning that I have been accounted for Honor Roll six times. I don't see myself as one of the smartest students in this school, since I am struggling with the fact of receiving very little work. Not too many students would agree, but this is all opinion based for a review, is it?
That thought brings me to my next concern... Disciplinary rules need to be acknowledged, and used properly. It's not the dress code that I am talking about; it is simply the majority of peers that lack to follow any rules of the agenda. A prime example is the new cellphone policy the administration has announced in the year of 2016; they have announced that they would be giving 3/7s every time any faculty staff member sees a student with their phone in the hallways, or the classroom without giving permission to do so. How many phones have I've counted? Numerous; and how many 3/7s, that I know of, have been given out by the staff members? Approximately, a few. This example can show that discipline needs some kind of recognition, and small improvement.
Why are these kids so careless, to me? Third concern; some may think it’s “normal” for students to act in such childish, ignorant ways. I quote, normal, because some actions make me feel very uncomfortable, as well as a couple of other students are when they are in a middle of all of the drama going on. Sure, it may be based off of heredity, but are they really this loud every day? I quoted the word “normal”, you see, because of some staff members finding this as a common act. Some days, I may even get severe headaches from all of the noise; My teachers are nice and all, but some just can’t control the volume of my peers, which makes me feel bad, and I just want to help(However, since I am just a mere student, too, I cannot help because shouting over them would mean I’m just as loud.). Also, I have deep thoughts that I always feel that someone, possibly akin to me, is being talked about behind their backs; this thought alone just wants me to quit school, and forget college. Hence, they can’t possibly get my own gender right, and I know they are doing it just to make fun of me(I honestly look like every other boy, so why would it be so hard to even acknowledge that I am actually a guy, too?). Or… Maybe I’m the one with problems, after all?
Sorry for getting a bit deep there, so let’s move on, shall we? My fourth concern is the hallways. As a middle schooler, you may expect to think that the hallways seem to be larger than you think they are, but as you get there… The hallways aren’t exactly that ideal size. As being claustrophobic, I am unable to quickly get through the hallways because of the group of other students that block the whole one side of the hallway, and leave a huge gap in front of them. As much as I hate being late to class, I also detest the fact that my next classes are usually on the other side of the school, and while academics not being hard enough, it’s just too hard to be able to get on time to class. (Oh yay, this reason is another anxiety forcer!)
And that concludes it all to my final concern… The lunches. Honestly, I do not have a lunch period since more than half the year of 10th grade, and I could frankly care less. There isn’t much of a variety of food there, knowing me, I prefer simple foods with cheese for ingredients. I did enjoy the mozzarella sticks, and the grilled cheese, but they hardly have those products, anymore, and just replace them with spicy foods that my taste buds cannot handle. I’m just tired of eating peanut butter and jelly everyday…
Overall, my (almost)first two years in this high school were like a roller coaster that kept going downwards. At least it’s not as horrible as my middle school years… (And believe me, let’s refrain from going at that point. I am terribly sorry if my review seems to be long… As an individual that seems to be anti-social, I find it quite easier for me to express myself with writing, rather than thinking what words to say out loud. I may not be the ideal type of student to type such a review, yet I hope that at least some understand this long-lasting opinion that keeps running around in my head.
I honestly can't wait to graduate, or, just to get out of here. (One more thing... On a positive note, the clubs here are enjoyable; I wish I could do more for the clubs that I'm currently in.)
By Student - 10 Aug 2016, Rate: good
i dont know much about this school but i hope to accept the offer to go to williamstown next year in 2017
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